Healthy Eyes for Successful Education 2

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February 16, 2017
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December 20, 2018

Healthy Eyes for Successful Education 2

As a result of the achievement of the objectives and impact of the first phase of the project “Healthy Eyes for Successful Education” in Ramadan Jangozi school in the village of Thumanë during 2017, the DDAER Social Services Center between financial support and partnership with ANTEA Cementm, is implementing the second phase of the project which has expanded its scope to other educational institutions (pre-school and middle school) in the territory of Fushe Kruja Municipality. During the reporting period, the project activities were successfully implemented and completed in the villages of Borizane and Shpërdhet.

During day-to-day sessions in village schools, project staff found much support from the community of this area.

Project activities were focused on three main directions: (I) diagnostic visits to the visually impaired children and students of educational institutions of these villages; (II) awareness of students, teachers and parents regarding the care of the eyes, and (III) awareness and importance of looking for the future and educating the students. A total of 691 diagnostic visits to children, students, teachers and support staff (psychologist and sanitary) in both villages were completed by the specialized diagnostic equipment 2 Win for Vision, of which 184 cases required specialized optic ophthalmic examination at the clinic ophthalmologist in Tirana but only 169 were presented after 3 pupils from Shpërdhet village and 12 from Borizanë village preferred not to come (with a recommendation from their parents). Throughout this phase, project beneficiaries were assisted by ophthalmologists Dr. Suzana Zhuka and Dr. Orgeta Dervishi. The problem was with a part of the children of the garden who need optical eye correction, but it was impossible to realize the final optical spectacle recess because they did not cooperate. During day-to-day sessions in village schools, project staff found much support from the community of this area, although in the case of the school of Shpërdhet village, faced difficulties in setting up structures to conduct first phase diagnostic sessions, as the poor infrastructure of the school did not allow it.


However, between the close cooperation of DDAER and ANTEA Cement, as well as the availability of school management staff, the objectives of this phase were met successfully. After in-depth medical examinations, up until the last reporting date, it results that a total of 90 controlled subjects (learners and teachers) exhibit the need for optic eye correction and 67 subjects for re-checking after 6 months or 1 year. In the further stages, the project will continue to implement activities in the villages of Fushë Mamurras, Picrrag, Brret.