About Us

[wecare_about bg_image=”625″ element_caption=”BY YOUR DONATION” element_title=”Our Mission & Belives” video_url=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/125437772″]Social Services Center DDAER is an Albanian organization founded in 2014 with the focus of support and social and health wellbeing of children and vulnerable groups, minorities, people with disabilities, marginalized, supporting and organizing artistic and cultural projects , etc.

  • Mission

We support society to maximize their potential through personalized services by applying policies such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), social inclusion, as the most appropriate mechanisms for achieving the objectives.

  • Staff

The center is made up of a team of professionals who work on ethical and moral grounds, dedicated to the causes in focus and correct in the conduct of missions.

  • Collaborations

We believe that by means of collaborations we increase the chances of achieving the changes that an organization can only do. We strongly seek active partnership and cooperation with others as an effective tool to achieve our vision[/wecare_about]

SSC-DDAER, is a non-governmental organization founded in 2014. This association aims to assist and help individuals and Albanian society on its road towards social development, good health and well-being, quality education, community empowerment, civil and cultural integration. SSC-DDAER focuses its activities on continuous social changes in Albania, aiming to support and relieve people by offering a wide range of activities.



  1. Community empowerment and direct intervention and service provision in three levels of society: individual, groups (women, youth, marginalized groups, minorities, etc.), and communities through CSR policies (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  2. Conducting and publishing research studies and surveys to give to the public a clear overview of actual socio-political and economic situation of the Albanian society.
  3. Serving as a bridge structure between individuals & communities with central and local government, aiming: the orientation of policies and strategies development based on the community needs.
  4. Priorities on United Nations SDG’s, fulfilling nr.3, Good Health and Well-being, nr.4, Quality Education and nr.17. Partnerships for the Goals.
  5. Contributing in formulation and designing of development programs.


Structure of SSC-DDAER

The Executive Board, comprised of professionals of Psychology, Social Sciences, Political Sciences, Arts, and the outsource collaboration comprised of professionals from Economics, Education, Law, Political & Social Sciences, and Architecture & Urban Planning govern the SSC-DDAER. The Executive Board leaded by the Chairman of the association is in charge of the successful management of different projects and program implementations.



In accordance with the mission, aim and objectives SSC-DDAER carries out activities such as:

  1. Implementation, assistance and consultancy for different development projects aiming community empowerment
  2. Campaign awareness about sensitive social, political and human rights’ issues
  3. Trainings that are closely related with objectives of SSC-DDAER
  4. Organization of seminars, workshops and conferences
  5. Conducting surveys and research studies in local and national level
  6. Publishing scientific articles, periodic and studies/researches, books etc
  7. Creating and maintaining relations with local and international NGO acting in the development field.
  8. Assistance for central and local government about community development projects.


Projects and cooperation

SSC-DDAER as a recent institution composed by professionals with innovative ideas, with vision and passion for facing new challenges, has been engaged in different projects that require commitment and professionalism.

  • “Increasing integrity in public procurement in Albania”, supported by Embassy of Netherlands. Project period: July 2018 – February 2020
  • “Healthy eyes for successful education” project, supported by ANTEA CEMENT-TITAN Group, Project period: February – August 2018.
  • “Social support for Pullumbat Center” in cooperation with Institute of Public Health, supported by GSK, Glaxo, Smith& Kline. Time: November -December 2017.
  • “Healthy eyes for successful education” project, supported by ANTEA CEMENT-TITAN Group, Project period: April – July 2017.
  • “Green sustainable start-up”, Workshop and conference, supported by ANTEA CEMENT-TITAN Group. Time: December 2016.
  • “La Table d’Ephyse”, artistic project supported by Theater Concert Center and Municipality of Bern, Switzerland. Time: May – June 2016.
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