Healthy Eyes for Successful Education In Borizane & Shperdhet

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Healthy Eyes for Successful Education In Borizane & Shperdhet

During the reporting period, project activities have been successfully implemented and completed in Borizanë and Shpërdhet villages in the first quarter of the year. As part of the project at this phase II was included the villages of Fushë Mamurras, Picrrag, Brret. There was also necessary to involved in the project kindergartens in all villages. Project activities have focused on three main directions: (I) diagnostic visits to the visually impaired children and students of educational institutions of these villages; (II) awerness of students, teachers and parents regarding the care of the eyes, and (III) awareness and importance of looking for the future and educating the students.

A total of 646 diagnostic visits to children, students, teachers and support staff (psychologist and sanitary) and some parents (in the case of the village of Brret) were completed in the three villages, of which 168 cases required specialized optic ophthalmic examination at the Ophthalmic Clinic in Tirana but only 158 were presented after 10 pupils from Fushë Mamurras village preferred not to come (with a recommendation from parents).

Throughout this phase, project beneficiaries were assisted by Optometre Dr. Orgeta Dervishi. With the staff’s understanding we have recalled the final optic control, three children from the Borizanë kindergarden because they did not appear on their designated date and were therefore not provided with the respective glasses. They were coordinated and their arrival was possible together with Brret’s students.


During day-to-day sessions in village schools, the project staff found much support from the community of this area, although in the case of the Picrrag village school it was difficult to land since there was no road, so the transportation of the DDAER staff was made possible by a “pick up” of Titan. Even the village of Brret is located in a difficult area and it is also for security reasons that the check up of the children of village of Brret was organized in the No. 2 school in Kruja.
Beyond these difficulties between the close cooperation of DDAER and ANTEA Cement, as well as the availability of school management staff, the objectives of this phase were met successfully. Following in-depth medical examinations, up to the last reporting date, it results that a total of 91 controlled subjects (students, teachers, parents and staff) exhibit the need for optic eye correction and 62 subjects for re-checking after 6 months or 1 year.